It’s a good idea to review our competition faq.

How do I enter competition?

To compete in Abracadabs competition purchase a competition pass. Click here

How do I enter additional entries?

Purchase competition pass for first entry and for each additional entry, purchase additional entry pass. Click Here

How many entries can I enter?

You can enter as many entries as you want.

What categories are there in the competition?

Best Overall Flower, Best Overall Concentrate, Best Infused Product, Best Cannabis Product

When are entries do?

Intake takes place July 24th – 26th by appointment.

I purchased My Competitors pass now what?

An Abracadabs representative will contact you within 48 hours to schedule intake appointments.

How much product do I submit with Entry?

Flower 28 grams, Concentrate 20 grams, Best Infused Product 50 pcs (Serving), Best Cannabis Product 20 items.